Visit Report from Norwegian Delegation


As small companies with big dreams, we came into the right hands through JBDC.

From earlier on we are grateful for the cooperation we´ve had with Sea Island Coffee, not only for selling us their coffee, but also for being openminded and sharing advises and knowledge with us. And of course to our Jamaican Honorary Consul in Norway, Mr Oust, for always supporting and encouraging our work through the years.

JAMPRO and JBDC are two large organizations we learned to admire for their knowledge and professional way of working. We learned a lot by attending the EXPO Jamaica in Kingston. Thank you, it was a perfect beginning while being in Jamaica.

JBDC was our host for 4 weeks. I got to learn not only about business opportunities with Jamaican companies and producers, but also about JBDC and their way of working. It is indeed impressive. The organic and coaching approach and method towards their surrounding is so right in time and way ahead of many international entrepreneurial facilitators. And as a local development company, it was very useful to learn about methods on how to facilitate for entrepreneurship and rural development in our own region. This also ensured me that a further cooperation with JBDC will be in a shared spirit.

We got in touch with entrepreneurs, chefs, coffee producers and hair saloons that we absolutely want to continue cooperating with. And we are happy to learn that several of them would like to visit Little Jamaica to help us set the energy and make common business plans together. Since we do hope that Little Jamaica, from its northern view, will be one of the useful «ports» or «gates» for Jamaica into Europe. This by thinking holistic, cross-over and working organic.

Thank you again and looking forward to further cooperation.


Astrid Høgmo


Morgans Ship

Little Jamaica