New Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee launched by leading Italian Roastery La Tosteria


About their coffee range, La Tosteria states:

"So delicate coffees call for reflection because they are able to give a cup a genetic heritage rich of sweet aromas; la Tosteria propagated the virtues supported by dose grinder which ensure fresh and immediate grinding of each dose and accompanying the administration of each specialty with our precious papers which tell about history and virtues. We daily roast the specialty coffees in small quantities and over low fire, ensuring the delivery within few days from the order; only with a quick production and distribution cycle we can ensure the use of their best prerogatives.

La Tosteria has reached excellent quality levels in coffee and tea applying methods and systematicity on production processes, while respecting the typical values of the crafts tradition. Specialized coffee shops choose la Tosteria because they appreciate the way we approach them, not as mere suppliers but as partners who are serious and reliable, motivated to contribute to the success of their coffee shops with products of absolute quality and performing solutions."

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