The King and Queen of Norway Enjoyed Our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee

We were honoured to hear that the King and Queen of Norway drunk Jamaica Blue Mountain from Sea Island Coffee aboard the royal yacht whilst visiting the Morgans Skip in Northern Norway. They toured the ship and met with the representative, Astrid Hogmo, then retired to the royal yacht and enjoyed Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee for their breakfast.  In the meantime, you can view Morgans Skip by visiting:  See below, Norwegian Royal Family's yacht where they enjoyed Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee for breakfast. 

photos: Paul H Zylla

Norwegian Royal Family enjoy Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe) sponsors Jamaica-Latin America lecture at Canning House, London

Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe) sponsored the talk given on Tuesday 19 July at Canning House (The Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Council) in London's Belgravia by His Excellency The High Commissioner of Jamaica, Dr. Anthony Johnson, on the historical connections between Jamaica and Latin America.

The lecture generated great interest, reflected in the lively exchange and questions from the floor. The talk was followed by a rum punch reception which was enjoyed by all. Attendance was good and included many of the high commissioners and ambassadors from the Anglophone Caribbean community as well as the Ambassador of Venezuela and the Shadow Minister of Health, Diane Abbott.

Decaffeinated Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Launched

On 14th.April 2011, Peter de Bruyne of Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe) Limited, spoke at the launch in Kingston, Jamaica of Mavis Bank's exclusive Jamaica Blue Mountain green decaffeinated coffee (produced by the Swiss Water Method) & sold in 60KG bags. Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe) are the distributors for Europe.

There follows an article from the Daily Gleaner of Jamaica:-

Blue Mountain Decaf Coffee Launched

Published: Thursday | April 14, 2011

Christopher Serju, Gleaner Writer

EVEN THOUGH some flavour will be lost, the unique characteristics of Blue Mountain Coffee, including the balance flavour, fair acidity and excellent aroma, will be retained in the recently launched Jamaica Blue Mountain Decaffeinated Coffee. That was the assurance from Senator Norman Grant, managing director and CEO of Mavis Bank Coffee Factory.

He was speaking at Tuesday's official launch of the speciality luxury decaffeinated brand, which was achieved through a non-chemical process for coffee drinkers who want an exciting cup of the beverage without caffeine.

The new product is the result of collaboration between Mavis Bank Coffee Factory, Blue Mountain Coffee Incorporated, Edgar Munn, who is the Untied States marketing agent, and Swiss Water Company out of Canada.

"Decaf enthusiasts will no doubt revel in the flavour and aroma of this brand. I call it Jamaica Blue Mountain without the edge, so hey, enjoy. Why should you be denied the exquisite pleasure of the finest coffee nature and man have yet to conjure," Senator Grant urged guests at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, New Kingston.

In addition to the special Blue Mountain Coffee characteristics, the new beverage is also unique for the process used to make it decaffeinated. It differs from the chemical process used for most decaffeinated coffee in that hot water and steam are used to removed the caffeine from the beans. The 'life' of the bean is taken into the water and the water solution passed through activated charcoal filters to remove the caffeine.

Once the caffeine is removed, the beans are then put back into the decaffeinated solution to reabsorb everything, except the caffeine, before being dried and shipped to roasters.

pending restructuring

This is in contrast to the traditional decaffeinated process, which involves soaking the beans and then washing in methylene chloride to absorb the caffeine. Afterwards, the beans are rinsed clean of the chemicals and dried.

Senator Grant explained that although there is usually virtually no trace of the chemical left in the bean after roasting, some people are uncomfortable with the knowledge that coffee they are drinking was chemically processed.

Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister Dr Christopher Tufton used the occasion to advise his audience that the pending restructuring of the coffee industry will also signal a major change in the role of the Coffee Industry Board, which will see it being divested of some of its regulatory functions and focusing more on quality control.

Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe)'s Exhibits at the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe's show in Maastricht 22-24 June 20011


The SCAE World of Coffee trade show in Maastricht went very well and we met many of our friends - both old and new - in the industry. Thousands of coffee industry insiders - roasters, distributors and baristas alike - visited the stand to learn more about Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and try fresh, filter Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee by the cup. The BMCE team was at hand throughout the three day show to handle inquiries from all corners of Europe and beyond.

We were delighted to announce the launch of Jamaica Blue Mountain Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee and Decaffeinated Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. The response to both coffees has been great with interest from pre-existing and new clients alike.

It was a particular pleasure to have the European Manager for Jampro and Commercial Attache for Jamaica, Laurence Jones, with us allowing him to meet customers and distributors from all over Europe.


Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Stand Maastricht Speciality Coffee Association of Europe Trade Show June 2011

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Stand Maastricht Speciality Coffee Association of Europe Trade Show June 2011


Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Stand Maastricht Speciality Coffee Association of Europe Trade Show June 2011

Jamaica Blue Mountain Rainforest Alliance Certification

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the Jamaica Blue Mountain Estate Coffee, Clifton Mount Estate, has been awarded Rainforest Alliance certification. It is the first Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee to gain ethical certification destined to Europe. Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe) Limited has registered as a Rainforest Alliance trader.


For more information on Clifton Mount Estate, please visit:

Join us at the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe 2011 Show in Maastricht, the Netherlands!

Blue Mountain Coffee (Europe) Limited will be exhibiting at the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe World of Coffee show in Maastricht, the Netherlands, on 22-24 June 2011.

We are regular exhibitors at the SCAE shows having exhibited at London, Copenhagen and Antwerp in recent years and find the show very worthwhile for meeting with existing clients, as well as meeting new ones and spreading the word about Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

For more information about this show, please visit:

We will also be visitors at the Caffe Culture event in London on 18-19 May 2011. For more information about this show, please visit:

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Blog Has Begun...

We will be using this blog to let you know news and upcoming plans with regard to Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in Europe.

The first news is that we have a new video page and there are now a number of in-depth interviews with key players in the Jamaican coffee industry. We are producing a ten minute documentary on Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee at the moment and we hope to have it ready in the next two months.